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What Can You Get For Five Bucks?

Not much anymore!
A couple gallons of gas, maybe a small pizza,
or two cups of that expensive coffee everybody likes.
For $5 you could buy an original ebook
and get all this at the same time!

A COMPLETE Turn-Key Business that you can operate online! Not some silly game... but a real business that you can be proud of and use to earn a real income!
The Perfect Product! Information is the high-demand product of today and tomorrow! We will deliver your information products... at no cost to you or your customers for shipping or handling... instantly anywhere in the world! Doesn't have to be insured because it can't be damaged during delivery! Won't spoil or rust or melt or spill or break!
An Unlimited Supply of Products... At NO Extra Cost! Never worry about running out of products again! Sell 5 or 5 million! Your inventory is infinite! So is your potential! 
HUGE Discounts! It's a fact! Selling expensive items is difficult! It's MUCH easier to sell great products for just $5. Are the products any good? See for yourself (and be sure to read the reviews!)  but don't buy it there!  You can get it here for 80% OFF! Click HERE (opens a new window)
100% Commissions Paid INSTANTLY! No more waiting! You choose how you want to be paid and your money goes straight from your customer to you! The only thing better than profit is profit paid in REAL-TIME!
Unlimited 24/7 Access to Real People who WANT to help you succeed! No more submitting "support tickets" and waiting days for carbon-copy answers! You'll get the answers you need... usually within minutes... no matter where you live! You need honest answers and reliable information to achieve success, and that's what you'll get!
A full suite of Highly-Effective Websites designed to sell your products and coded to send the money to you! All you do is promote your websites (we'll show you how) and everything else is automatic!
We provide the websites and we pay for the hosting, bandwidth, and maintenance! No need to learn HTML or coding of any kind! No need to learn about uploading files! Everything's already set up and waiting for you!
A Proven Marketing System that will collect prospects for you and automatically follow-up with them! We use state-of-the-art technology to help turn your prospects into customers and YOU get to keep 100% of the sales price!
Professionally-Designed Sales Pages, Banners, Splash Pages, Ads, and Lead Capture Pages. You get ALL the tools of the trade at no extra cost! Everything's included when you buy an ebook for just $5.
A Fully-Functional Back Office where you can monitor your sales and manage your business! View your list of customers... and their customers. Edit your Pay Options. Even change the backgrounds for your websites and instantly create hosted Splash Pages with one click!
Ready-To-Use AutoResponder! You won't spend one single minute (or one dime) setting up your autoresponder! Forget about the expense and hassles and wasted time spent trying to set up an autoresponder, create websites with the proper forms, write messages, and maintain lists. It's all done for you... and it's already done! 
No need to bother your friends, family, neighbors, and co-workers! This is a REAL business that you can build completely online. That means no rejection (you never even know someone is looking at your website until they pay you!)... no products piling up in your garage... no time spent delivering products all over town... no babysitters to pay... no meetings to attend... no scripts to memorize so you can "overcome objections" (because you never even hear any objections!)... no phone calls to make (no big phone bills to pay)... and no need to fool anyone. All you do is advertise your websites (we'll show you how) and everything else is completely automated!
Unlimited Earning Potential! In case you're wondering how much a person can earn selling $5 ebooks online, let me explain something... the real secret to success isn't in selling high-ticket items one-by-one. 

The secret to success is in helping
other people to achieve their goals!

Think about this... 

You're interested in earning a good income on the Internet. If I can show you how to do that, I'll make money along the way. If I earn a nickel each time you earn a dollar, we're both happy!

Now think about this...

If I save my nickels and invest in another business, and I'm making money in that business, and you can easily afford to join me in that business because you're making money in the first business... and you already KNOW you'll make money in the second business... what will you probably do?

That's right...

You'll probably want to join me in my next business so you can make even more money!


That will only work IF I can help you make money NOW!

IF I can help you make money NOW...

We'll BOTH be able to make even MORE money LATER!


My goal is to help you create an income NOW!

And that's why I'm willing to give you an entire business that's completely set up and ready to start making money for you... just for buying a $5 ebook!

So Buy The Ebook And Let's Get Started!
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